Lia Chamilothori

Born in Athens in 1985. She was acrobatic gymnast at the gymnastics team "Irini Peristeriou". She studied dance at the Higher Professional School of
Dance "Rallou Manou". Also completed her studies at the Economic University of Athens. Since 2009 she works as a dancer in companies such Paracoon dance company, Creo, Transito, La ignorancia as assistant choreographer in Fora etc. At the same time she works as a dance teacher. In 2011 she took a
scholarship for technical improvement of the Onassis Foundation in Brussels, where she lives.

Dennis Metaxas

Dennis Metaxas

Born in Athens in 1987. He studied Mathematics in the University of Athens, but did not complete his studies. Graduated from the Drama School "G. Theodosiades" (state diploma). While studying as an actor, he worked as an assistant director and later on founded the "VoidCompAny" theater group in 2010, after completing his studies. "VoidCompAny" has worked on the following projects: "Refuse Dump", "3am" and "fragments". Dennis Metaxas has also collaborated with "Migma" dance theater and Krama dance company.

Periklis Skordilis

Natalia Baka

Foteini Aggelo

Labrini Golia

Silvia Pezzarossi

Silvia Pezzarossi

Born on 1988 in Reggio Emilia (Italy), she starts at age of 6 to practice rhythmic gymnastics. At age of 11 she enters in the ballet academy of Liliana Cosi and Marinel Stefanescu in Reggio Emilia and she graduates after the 8 years of study programs. At age of 18 she starts contemporary dance in Firenze to move at age of 19 in Geneva (Swiss) where she attends the "Imprimerie, Ecole de Geneve” directed by Sean Wood and Patrice Delay. At age of 20 she attends and she graduates in the 2 years of professional training “Modem Atelier” under the direction of Zappalà dance company, (Sicily). She worked in some productions for Petranura danza company (sicily). Sheʼs living in Bruxelles since one year and she is part of krama dance company since September 2012.

Dionisia Feidopoulou

Dionisia Feidopoulou

I was born in Athens in 1955. I studied at the State School of Dance Athens in 1981. I attended the Sorbonne 4 for two (2) years in Paris and the sudio of  Peter Goss (1981-1983). While I attended dance workshops in Cologne in Athens with Aime de Lyniere and with Alain Astie and in 2012 gained the Diploma Barre Astie. I have attended international seminars Orff and Dalcroze. I teach three (3) years at the High School of the University of Ioannina in Kindergarten and Early Childhood TEI six (6) years of the course in Music and Education. From 1983 until now I am teaching dance in Ioannina, I have taught in seminars and work with many educational departments.

Giada Di Trapani

Giada Di Trapani

Born in Palermo, Italy,in 1975. Started her formation on physical theater with the company New Performance Laboratory of Jairo Cuesta and Jim Sloviack actors and directors of the workcenter of Jerzy Grotowsky. Giada continued to studied dance with Solene Fiumani and several other masters in Italy and abroad. She performed in artistic projects made for urban and natural spaces. Graduate on Psicomotricity in Palermo, works with people with different ability. Came in Brussels in 2008 collaborate with the Espace catastrophe in the project Complicite' and the Company Dagadom, studed in Ecole internationale de theatre Lassad where she graduate in 2010. She collaborate with Krama dance company.

Ubay Martin

Born in '79, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, he gets the high grade in drama, in EAC (2003-2007). There, he works with Patrick Pezin, among others. In Barcelona, he studies a post grade in voice-technic and direction and dramaturgy in the IT  (2007-2011), directing plays (Deah Loher's Blue Beard, "What i saw in the water" -write by him- ) or acting and directing films ("Babilon Drunks", "Expired Holiday") . In Summer 2011, he moves to Brussels and meets Théâtre de la Liberté art's collective, where he makes performances, films and workshops, such "Autobiopsy" (in Swansea, Wales, UK), [(into) mind-process(less)] -exhibited in Utrecht or Campeones (filmed in Almeria, Spain).

Music composers

Kostantis Papakonstantinou

Born in Larissa, Greece in 1986. He studied in the University of Ioannina in the department of "Plastic Arts and Arts Sciences". Kostantis lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2006 he is composing music and soundtracks. He wrote the music for the film Small Crimes, for several short films and for the dance performance "Shadow of a stretched arm". He is a member of the art group Ballena de Papel.

Ilias Mantikos

Andreas Andreou

Stage designers

Pulcheria Tsavdaris

Pulcheria Tsavdaris was born in Thessaloniki. There, by studing at the music school, she has experienced different kinds of music and majored in traditional percussion. She studied Fine Arts in Ioannina and especially Sculpture. She lives and works in Ioannina where she is dealing with people, animals, plants, and visual arts.

Video editors

Aristotelis Papakonstantinou

Born in Larissa, Greece in 1986. He studied in the department "Plastic Arts and Art Sciences" at the University of Ioannina. Since 2009, he works in the field of professional video and direction. Aristotelis deals with vinteoclips, videoart, concert coverage and he participated in many short films. He is also a member of the art group Ballena de Papel.

Graphic designers

Mikaela Liakata

Panagiotis Andrianos


  • Christos Glivas

  • Bastien Ranschaert

  • Iria Chorianopoulou

  • Tali Tiller

  • Marios Vouros

Other collaborators

Ioanna Kolegiorgou

Ioanna Kolegiorgou

Born in 1970. She studied Graphic Art Design in Athens, Greece and has been working as a graphic art designer in Athens and Ioannina since 1993. She has been into dancing since 2000. Ioanna has been attending dance lessons and seminars with artists from Greece and abroad.

Ntina Moustakidi

Stella Papantou

Stella Papantou

Born in Trikala in 1986. She studied Applied Informatics in the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. After that, she took her MSc in Design and Digital Media in the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. Currently based in Athens, she works as a web designer and front-end developer in a digital advertising agency.

Nikos Tsilis

Nikos Tsilis

Born in Athens in 1980. Ηe studied business systems and information technology in Northumbria University of Newcastle and accomplish his postgraduate studies in Multimedia and graphic arts for eCommerce at Brunel University in London. Since 2006 he has been working in various companies as a web and graphics designer. Nowadays he is dealing mainly with the layout design of magazines.

Fay Balomenou

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